Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~~~ For John Allen ~~~

Good morning Y'all !!! Some of you may know that I have only one child, my precious John Allen!! He lost his job due to downsizing, several years ago and he tried to make a go of owning his own business in the Forestry world.  Some months were great but then some months, not a penny in his pocket. It's hard to feel safe and secure with the rollercoatser ride he was on, so he had applied for several jobs in ther last few months. He was offered and accepted a job in Monroe La !!! The best part for me is that he wont be cruising timber in the woods anymore....wooohoooo I always had a horror of him getting snake bit out in the woods alone !! The worst part is that he will be 6 hours away!!! I am one sad puppy. He lived out of state while he went to college at Mississippi State, but that was only 4 hours and many years ago. I'm too old  now for all the fretting I know I will be doing! lol Anyway, I found this beautiful poem on and it was perfect!! It conveyed everything that I wanted to say to my sweet son! I wept as I read it.
I kept this card simple and only used Create a Critter for the kite. I used a Spellbinders die for the poem mat and a Martha Stewart punch for the border. I added some gorgeous Crinkle ribbon that you can find here!! Did lots of inking and distressing and stamped the background with some postage stamps from Fiskars.Added some brads and a heart from my stash. Thanks for taking a look..please say a lil prayer for me, cause my heart is aching!! Say a lil prayer for John Allen too, please!!



Oh Joy, I'm crying with you! That is the most beautiful poem!! I can't say that I know how it feels for your child to move away, 'cus I haven't been there, but I'm feeling your heartache and love with this beautiful card. I'll keep your and John Allen in my prayers. Hand in there. G.R.I.T.S Girls are strong!!! :)


Oh're not supposed to make cry first thing in the morning! First of all, this card is just stunning, so pretty and and so moving. Secondly, I sort of understand how you feel. Both of my boys live about 2 1/2 hours away, but my oldest recently lost his job (more of those cut backs) and is probably going to be moving further away as his search for a decent job widens. Along with him will go my DIL and my TWO grandsons! Change is so very hard, isn't it? Praying for you and your son to always be close, no matter the distance! Good luck to your son in his new position and just think of the fun you will have traveling to his new home and checking out all the craft stores along the way :o)

Audrey Frelx

What a beautiful poem in honor of your son, and what a beautiful card! God will take good care of your son!


I know how you feel, If it is one child or many it is hard to let go, so maybe you will get to fly someday??? take card Joy and my prayers are with you and your son.


Big hugs to you,'s a beautiful card!!

Peggy T.

Such a beautiful card and poem. I know how I felt when my daughter moved away. I honestly never believed she would and when she did, I thought I would die. God bless you, Joy. God will take care of you and John Allen. Hugs and Prayers.


This brought tears to my eyes, Joy! What a wonderful poem and such a precious card - obviously created with a great deal of love and affection.

Sentimental Scrapper

Beautiful card and poem! It is sooo hard to let go! When my daughter moved off to college I sat in her room and sobbed and she was only 30 minutes away!!

Cricut Couple

OMG! This is just gorgeous!!! TFS!

Lena's Creations

Absolutely beautiful!! You can clearly see all the love you have put into this card. Not only the poem but all the little details you added to the card shows your love for him. My daughter lives in California and I live in Texas, so I totally empathize with you. Prays for you and your son.

Christine America Real

You made me cry! My children are 31 & 29 it is so hard because you still want to take care of them, but you know you have to let them go out into the the world. I wish that for just one moment I could have them back as babies again and hold them in my arms!


This is one of the most beautiful cards I've seen Joy. Your son is indeed blessed to have you as his mother. I have 3 daughter - no sons - but I have 1 grandson (11) and I know his mother will ove this poem - with your permission I would like to use it. Thank you for sharing this with us all.
Lynda (UK)

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