Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~~Reindeer Snow Globe~~

I have been wanting to make a snow globe for weeks now and finally made one that I like ! I used Christmas Noel for the reindeer , the bow and the snowflakes in the globe, MS for the larger one on the sentiment and Doodlecharms for the globe.The globe was cut at 41/2", so this card is a little wider than usual.The reindeer was cut at 3", the gold on shadow and the brown on regular function and the bow at 2".The snowflakes were cut at various sizes.I tried popping everything in the globe, but that didn't work and I was having a redheaded fit cause I LOVE to use pop dots! AND I didn't ink anything, so I was having bad withdrawals! I used Kingthings Christmas for the font and I think it goes perfectly with the snowflakes! Gallery Glass for the globe, the beautiful gold embossed paper I got at M's as well as the ribbon.Did some embossing and added the tiny gold beads,and used my nesties for the sentiment card. Thanks so much for taking a peek!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank You Jimmie Gayle

HI Y'all...this pedestal card is for Jimmie Gayle, my sweet lil "swimmin wimmin" instructor,thanking her for the box of vintage buttons she gave me.I used George for the flowers, the largest one cut at 3 3/4, on shadow and then again on the regular feature.I also cut another at 3 1/2".The smaller flowers were all cut at 1 1/2 and 1" I used pop dots between the layers on the large flower and made a circle sentiment for the inside.The buttons are some of the ones that she was so generous, to share with me.Used my new Big Bite to set the lil eyelets, added the ribbon and lots of inking and a lil doodlin.The words Thank you, I created on Design 1st attempt! ! She just loves these pedestal cards,so there ya go.Thanks so much for stoppin by!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 Little Ducks a Baby Shower card and Tag

This lil card was requested by 1 of my "swimmin wimmin" Jimmie Gayle, for a baby shower she is attending this weekend.The mother is expecting triplets, God Bless her! .I used the New Arrival cart, cutting the ducks at 1 1/2" , 2 times in blackout, in the orange and 1 time in the shift key for the yellow.I also cut the tag charms in 1 1/2 and 2".I used PPDU for the umbrella, cut at 5 1/2" and I snipped the handle to make it a lil smaller once I started assembling the card.Embossed the background paper with the sweet baby folder from Cuttlebug, and used the swiss dots and hearts folders, as well.Did a lil inking, popping and added the baby hearts along the umbrella.I used wave scissors for the water and the swirl embossing folder. I added a lil piece of white card stock so that all the ladies could sign it.I had so little of the blue card stock left over, but wanted to make a lil tag, cause Jimmie Gayle is so sweet.This is one example of her kindness, she is bringing me a tin filled with her Grandmothers old buttons tomorrow !!! Her grandmother was a seamstress during the depression to compensate her preacher husbands income, and Jimmie Gayle has lots of her buttons and she wants me to have them!!! See how sweet she is !!! I can't wait !! Thanks for taking a peek!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pumpkin Filled with Sunflowers

Oh....I just had to make another card with my favorite fall things.I know sunflowers bloom in the summer too, but they were made for fall! Pumpkins...what can I say?What a versatile lil fruit that is.And yes it is a fruit, cause I looked it up to make sure it really was a fruit They can be spooky or cute and downright good to eat! I used Paper Doll Dress Up for the pumpkins and Walk in my Garden for the sunflowers.Jasmine for the corners.Lots of inking and popping and there you go , my ode to fall.

When I am an Old Woman

This is a birthday card for my friend, Susan. As we are both into our 50's, I thought this was appropriate.Warning by Jenny Joseph.The 1st line of this poem is what I based my card on.I used Paper Doll Dress Up for the dress as well as the hat and New Arrival for the hanger.Good ole George for the tag.Did some inking, popping, added the ribbon thru the treading water punch and added some dew drops to the dress.Thanks so much for taking a peek!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Your Day

Good morning Y'all !! I hope you all had a great weekend....I think we might need a boat to get out of the door this has rained every day for a week! The card was commissioned by one of my "swimmin wimmin" for her sister.I really like to make my cards more personal but she really didn't give me alot of info about her sister, so I scrap lifted this card from Ginny Thueson!!! Thanks Ginny for inspiring me with your beautiful card !! I used Celebrations for the package, cut at 4" and the flower base, is actually a bow cut from another package , but I added Cuttlebug flowers for the center and a vintage button with ric rac.I used George for the tag, cut at 2" on regular and then shadow features and for the It's your day,cut at 1" the same way.Added another lil button flower and some metal corners and did a lil doodlin.I hope she likes it and I hope you do too! Thanks for looking!! Have a great week!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Through the Window

I am so proud of this card!! I have been searching high and low for some acetate and had no luck at all until I read on a blog that there was a product in the stained glass area of M's and sure enough, there it was! Its Gallery Glass, made by Plaid, in case any of you are having the same problem.I used the Noel cart, cutting the window at 5 1/2". I cut it in blackout for the base, then again to use the Village Cuttlebug folder with and then 2 more times for the frame.The house was cut at 2 1/2, oh about 4 times ! The trees were cut at 2",the pine branch at 2" as well.I used Camp Out for the pine cones, cut at 1/2" and Jasmine for the corners, cut on shadow, at 4".I added MS snowflakes glitter, on the gallery glass, along the window frame and fine crystal on the trees and rooftops.I also cut the window on blackout for the inside sentiment card.I had SOO much fun watching this card develop and was so excited to finally find this gallery glass !! I added several shots, trying to get a good shot of the glass, but I'm not so sure you can really get a feel of it. Thanks so much for taking a peek!! I hope you enjoy the view, through the window.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Thank you for Betty

Good morning Y'all !!This is a card I made for one of my "swimmin wimmin", Ms.Betty.I went to her house yesterday just to pick pears and I came home with a back seat full of goodies !! Not only did I get a bag filled with Bartlett pears, she gave me a jar of pear preserves,I got some scupanons,( a native fruit, kin to the grape) tomatoes, smell cant eat these, but they sure do smell good, sitting in a bowl on my kitchen counter ! Before her husband Jack died, they did arts and crafts, so she sent me home with a pair of cute lil sunflowers dolls and I got to select a roll of ribbon from her drawer that was filled with ribbon.I was in heaven!Oh and I got a backseat filled with fresh eucalyptus!! We had a nice visit and I just had to make her a card , thanking her for all my treasures! I used the ribbon that she gave me too.This pear is from Home Accents, cut at 3"...3times.The paper is Classic K from K&Co and I added that old lace I found at the flea market.Lots of inking and popping. I had no intentions of making another pedestal card any time soon, but when I took my cards to the Y yesterday and showed them to her, she played with the Christmas Village card forever and was amazed at how it sat up!! She showed how it worked to everyone that walked by!! So I HAD to make her this style card.Thanks so much for stopping by..have a great weekend !!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Christmas Village

Hi Y'all !! Oh, I love the simplicity of these pedestal cards! Dan bought me the Christmas Noel cartridge for our anniversary and this was the 1st card I made using it.The Church was cut 4 times, cause I love the chipboard effect, the trees only 2 times.I used the Cuttlebug folder for the background,added some stickles in the windows, and MS crystal fine glitter for the snow.I also used the snowflake from this cart, as well as the MS snowflake punch.I think this might be our Christmas cards we send out this year.....Dan says its the prettiest card I have made!! He might be just a little bit biased! Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!

Cock A DoodleDo

Good morningY'all!! I made this lil card for my niece, Elizabeth .I haven't talked to her in awhile and so I wanted to make her a lil card and let her know I was thinking about her.I used My Community for the chickens and Animal Kingdom for the working.I love this Grandma's Kitchen paper , its double sided and on sale this week at M's for 40% off !!! Did some inking, popping and doodlin, added some glitter cause I thought the hen looked too plain,added some dew drops and adorable ribbon!!! Thanks so much for taking a look!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Cornucopia of Blessings

Hi Y'all....yes, I made another Autumn themed card..imagine that! The colors of fall are just so vibrate, I guess that's why I love this season the most! I used PDDU for the cornucopia and the label from Nestabilities.LOTS of inking and popping, added the ribbon and pearls and called it done.It looks like a simple card, but those lil fruit cuts , made it a tedious job! Thanks so much for looking!!!!

Waaaar Eagle...Hey !

If you love college football,especially SEC football, you either LOVE the sound of Waaaar Eagle or it makes you cringe in disgust! lol As for me , I LOVE IT!! This is the battle cry for the Auburn University Tigers....yes, I know...War Eagle and the tiger is the teams mascot or one of them anyway It only gets better!! War Eagle - Wikipedia. This relates one of the many legends if you enjoy reading.I made this card for my niece Kimberly, who sent me a text from the game, right before kickoff.Her text was WAR EAGLE !....enough said for use dye hard Auburn fans!!! She was there with her husband, Temple, both Auburn grads and their 3 children, who will one day walk the grounds as students,on the Loveliest Village on the Plains!!! BTY, at last count,we have 23 Auburn graduates in our family, including in laws and outlaws!!! I used george for the lettering, Animal Kingdom for the Tiger and Jasmine for the corners.Oh yes, I used the oval for the football.I know Kimberly is going to LOVE this card !!! Thanks so much for looking and War Damn Eagle !!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Card for Susan

I made this card with some of the scraps from Ann's' card.I made it for a dear friend that lives in my hometown and I haven't heard from her in ages! I usually call her every few months but I've gotten behind on calling and I'm trying to make HER feel guilty with this card ! hahaha Thats why there is a spider web on the mailbox and the flag is dangling.I started to make some black, wilted flowers, but decided that was a bit much.I used more of the vintage lace and a vintage button as well.The mail box is from DoodleCharms and I found that real looking wood paper on a digital web sight.The flowers are from George.The turtle from Walk in My Garden.Butterflies are MS and I used 2 different CB folders.Lots of shoulders ache from inking all those lil flowers! Used pop dots, added some pearls and there ya go!! Thanks so much for looking and makes my day!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ann's Birthday Card

Dan's daughter Ann will be celebrating a birthday in a few weeks and she ADORES pigs !! So of course I had to make a card with a pig on it.I found a bolt of antique lace at a Antique/Flea market last week, still on the bolt! The bolt is a heavy cardboard with metal corners...I HAD to buy it !So the old lace with a vintage button was used along with the MS scalloped punch,MS butterflies , with pearls and the pig is from the Animal Kingdom cart.The tag is from good ole George..what would we do without him?? Lots of inking, popping and I used the textile as well as the heart CB folders.Thanks so much for taking a peek !!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Give Thanks

This is a lil "Inchie" card with different things associated with Autumn.
I used several different carts for this card.
George was used to make the 8 lil inch blocks.Cut on the regular feature as well as shadow.
PDDU for the pumpkin, cut at 2 1/2" the turkey, cut at 1 3/4" and the corn, cut at 2 1/2".
Doodlecharms for the leaf,cut at 1"the apple, cut at 1" and the acorn was cut at 1 1/2".
SYI for the sunflower, cut at 1".
Don Juan for the letters, cut at 3/4" on shadow.
All cuts were made 2 to 3 times, depending on the weight of the paper.
I used the Swiss Dots cuttlebug folder for the background, leaf, apple and acorn and the Swirl folder for the rectangle under Autumn.I popped each block and did lots of inking .
I scented this card with my favorite Autumn Harvest oil! It smells just like Autumn should!
Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look !!!!

Caramel Apples

Who doesn't LOVE a caramel apple?!? This time of year makes me think of them, along with all the County Fairs that are starting here in Alabama.Since I can't eat those sweet, delicious apples anymore, I made one to look at ! I used Doodlecharms for the Apple, cut at 3", 3 times and 1" for the inside apple.I bought the Drippy Goo punch, just for the apples! I think it looks like warm caramel dripping down the sides.Added some Glossy Accents ,a kabob skewer and some hemp for the ribbon.Thanks so much for taking a peek!!!

Welcome to My World

This sight is dedicated to the art of card making....of which I am addicted ! I began making cards a few months before Dan was deployed to Iraq.I wanted to make sure he had a new card to open every day, so I used BlueMountian.Co and created him 2 months worth of cards !About a year ago I saw that famous infomercial for a little bug called a Cricut.Well, after watching it numerous times, I HAD to have it...and I ordered it!!!Then I found the Cricut Message Board and I hit pay dirt!!! I was, and still am so inspired by some of the talented women on that board!I have to give them credit for making me the card maker that I am today!!!
Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart!
I hope you enjoy looking at my cards, as much as I enjoy making them!!!