Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day !

Good morning ya'll ! It's great to be creating and sharing again! Ya'll know how life gets in the way of crafting and boy oh boy, my life has been turned upside down the last year and a half. My father had a bad spill in Sept. of 2012 and never really got over that. He was in and out of the nursing home and finally spent his last days there,passing away in Sept. of 2013. My Mother, as some of you know, has severe dementia and I spent 40 days with her in the fall of 2012 and then my brother Jim and I rotated weekends, caring for her, until this past November. It had gotten to the point that she needed care 24/7 and to be honest it was wearing us out not to mention the expense of sitters during the week. My brother works full time and I live an hour away so my sister decided to move Mother to Tn and she is now living in an Assisted Living facility. I have never lived more than an hour from Mother and this has been a real hard adjustment for me. As hard as I try I always end up crying when I speak with her on the phone and going to see her at Christmas and telling her goodbye, broke my heart. I could cry right now! Anyway, Dan had rotator cuff surgery on the 4th of Feb. just as I was trying to get over bronchitis, but I still managed to make some cards for Valentine's day.
This card I made for John Allen and Lori, using G45 Sweet Sentiments paper collection. Used some cut outs and a few metal pieces from my stash. The large floral heart flips up, its held down with a magnet, and a perfect place for my message to my sweet son and his wife.
This is a double easel for my Mother. Used Spellbinders hearts die.
I had so much fun making this for my precious Grandson, Brady! I used a Sizzix die and Spellbinders hearts.
Last but no least, this card is for Dan, from the furbabies and he LOVED it ! Another Sizzix die and Spellbinders. Thanks SO much for stopping by to take a peek! It only took me 1 week to figure out how to load these pictures, its been so long since I used Blogger. I just hope I can remember what I did to upload them !!! xoxoxo


Welcome to My World

This sight is dedicated to the art of card making....of which I am addicted ! I began making cards a few months before Dan was deployed to Iraq.I wanted to make sure he had a new card to open every day, so I used BlueMountian.Co and created him 2 months worth of cards !About a year ago I saw that famous infomercial for a little bug called a Cricut.Well, after watching it numerous times, I HAD to have it...and I ordered it!!!Then I found the Cricut Message Board and I hit pay dirt!!! I was, and still am so inspired by some of the talented women on that board!I have to give them credit for making me the card maker that I am today!!!
Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart!
I hope you enjoy looking at my cards, as much as I enjoy making them!!!