Sunday, February 13, 2011

~~From the Furbabies, to Dan ~~

Hi Y'all....I am done with Valentine cards ! Although I think I could make them all year long, I'm ready for something new! I created these cards and made them reflect each animal. We have 3 dogs, they don't know it, but they really are dogs. Buddy wandered up about 10 years ago and I don't know what I will do with Dan, when Buddy goes to the big bone yard in the sky! Buddy is forever begging for food and Dan obliges him! Sadie, she was a neighbors dog and dug out all the time to come visit us and the rest of the neighbors.They finally decided that they didn't have time for her anymore and we adopted her. She is a mess and loves her Daddy to death! Dan said if she was a woman, I would have been put out by her, a LONG time ago...the love is mutual! She is always on her back, under Dan's feet, wanting her ole tummy rubbed. Tex....what can I say. He too, was our back door neighbors dog and neglected as much as Sadie was. I swear he can tell time! In the afternoons, before Dan would come home from work, Tex would be at the fence, waiting. The minute Dan drove up, he would start. It sounded like someone was killing Tex...screaming and barking and jumping on the fence like a mad dog!! Dan traded a 500 dollar shotgun for Tex...I tell him all the time, you traded WAY down, Danno! The neighbors were about to move and they wouldn't sell us Tex or give him to us, although we took MUCH better care of him than they did and he practically lived here anyway! Dan was frantic and offered them the gun and they jumped on it. I image so! Tex always has a baby in his mouth.
Now for the cat. I noticed him on out front porch one day and attempted to shoo him away, every time I saw him...our dogs do not like cats! I did it for his own good, but he never would leave so I started feeding his wild butt! He will hiss at me every time I feed him, but Dan says he just smiles a him...Ok Dan....whateva ! Dan thinks that maybe in 6 months time, he might be able to pet him. I hate to break his heart, but from what I have read, we may never get to touch him. He is solid black and has scary yellow eyes and thinks he owns the front yard and I guess he does ! I named him Your Highness, hence the crown!

I used 4 Legged Friends for all the critters and various other carts. Thanks so much for stopping by..I hope you all have a Wonderful Valentine's Day !!!! xoxoxo Joy


Audrey Frelx

Oh my, these are all so wonderfully adorable!!!

I'm with you, I love Valentine's Day, and I think I could make them year round too!

I'll be back, my friend!!!

Audrey Frelx

BYW, I wanted to thank you for your comment of condolence on the loss of my nephew. It meant so much for me for you to take the time to do that, and it didn't go unappreciated.


Joy! The cards are so beautiful. Thanks for the story of your fur babies. You and Dan are such nice people. I am so happy to know you. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Dan, Tex, Buddy, Sadie and Her Highness...


cute cards!


Oh m'gosh, Joy! You have been a busy little bee. How lucky is Dan to be receiving all of these cards?! I am in love with that little chihuahua! Did I spell that right?


Love your cards, Joy. Please swing by my blog. I have an award for you.



I am in love with your cards. I have the fury Friends cart but have not used it enough. You and your husband are my new favorite friends. Anyone who is as kind to animals as you are, are my kind of people. I am so happy you saved your neighbor's dogs and are taking care of that little wild cat. I have a friend who started feeding a wild cat and within about 8 months it started letting them pet it. It is now a house cat. So you just never know what will happen. I hope you and Dan had a very happy Valentines Day. Those love cards are just adorable. You can just tell they are full of love and loyalty from those sweet furry babies.

If you check out my blog, you see pics of my two babies, Jack and Magnolia. They just melt my heart. Have a great day!


Joy, these are just too darn cute... cats are like that, we have one that was born here and still very wild, once she has kittens I'm sure we will never find them...enjoy your day!

The Scrappy Cottage

These are way to cute......


Actually, Joy, there are two awards for you. To help you find them, they are the BFB Award and the A Thing of Beauty Award.



GORgeous CARDS!!!! :o)


Love all these cards! What a great story and how lucky Dan is to be receiving all these! Each card is so unique! Love the cuts and how you have reflected each pet!!


Hey hon, just gonna catch up! So sorry I've been MIA. So happy to see your furbabies give their Daddy cards too. SOOO cute! xxD

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