Friday, July 15, 2011

~~ Happy Birthday Bird ~~

Hi Y'all...Happy Friday ! I finally convinced myself that I needed Birthday Bash...I'm always a day late and a dollar short ! lol I used that funny little bird as the focal point for this card, which is for my X Husband. Yep, My X. Allen's nickname used to be "Wildman" back in the day and we always assumed that his peculiarities were just his way of living up to his name.Little did we know, that Allen suffered from Schizophrenia. Allen dealt me fits during our 30 years of marriage,but he and I had some good times and we did produce the apple of my eye, John Allen. Right before Allen and I divorced he really started acting strange. I had already moved out of our home and he would call me at least a dozen times at work, asking me if I would always love him and if I would come to his funeral when he died. Well, that freaked me out about the funeral business, but he was always threatening suicide, so I said a prayer and convinced him that yes, I would always love him and I would attend his funeral. He would call to tell me that people were breaking into his truck and leaving him notes. I really assumed that Allen was trying to get my attention, with all these crazy stories. Not until a year or more after I was married, Allen was finally diagnosed. John Allen did his best to look after his daddy, but Allen would always become euphoric and stop taking his medications, so after many failed attempts at him living alone, John Allen resorted to placing Allen in a half way house . He seems to be pretty content there and they make sure he is well taken care of. For years now, I have wanted to go visit Allen, but John Allen and his uncles thought that was a bad idea. Everytime he spoke to me or saw me in town, they said it always set him back. Here lately though, I have had this strong urge, almost an obsession to see Allen. I was afraid that he would die without knowing that I still have compassion for him and that I will always love him and be there, even at the end. FINALLY, last week John Allen took his daddy to a funeral ( of all places ) and I got to see ole Allen !!! I didn't recognize him at 1st. Then I realized who it was and I almost burst into tears, I had no idea he was going to be there!! John Allen had a soft lil smile on his face and I think he was happy to see his Mama and Daddy together, if even for a short time. It was difficult to try and chat about the old days at a funeral, but it eased my mind and heart, to finally get a chance to see Allen! As we parted ways, I hugged his neck and told him that I loved him and always would. He smiled and said " then fix me something sweet to eat !" I just about hollared !! We all had a good laugh and I feel at peace, knowing I got to finally see my first love and reassure him of my love for him.

So, I will be baking up something sweet next week and with Dan's blessings. It goes without saying that I love Dan too and I have thanked him numerous times, for being so understanding!! For those of you that have read this, God Bless You!! lol Writing this was just some free therapy for me and I feel 100 lbs lighter !! Have a great weekend!!

Oh shoot, I forgot about the card ! lol I used Birthday Bash for the entire card. Lots of doodlin and poppin and tied 3 different colors of Bakers Twine around the top. I just love all the bright new colors Kimberly has at!! You should go check 'em out ! Thanks for stopping by !!! xoxoxox


Diane Hodrick

You have had quite a few days full of adventure, haven't you? Some good, some bad, and some downright ugly it seems. I think it's fabulous that you have gotten a handle on all this after so many years. Schizophrenia is a difficult disease to understand, and an even more difficult disease to live with. So glad that the house has provided some stability for your son's father. And, I'm glad you have made peace with such an important part of your life. Goodness, lady, you are a multifaceted wonder. If I ever moved to the back woods of TN and you found me on a horse, I guarantee, I'd be galloping in your direction. That's a weird one....I wonder what it means. Cuz I know it means something.....and life's got something in store for me and you got sent the message. Can't wait to see what it is.... Love your card, by the way. (oh yeah, that's what I'm supposed to be writing about). That bird has his own personality...and after that sweet story, I think you found the perfect character for your card. Hugs to you! And if you find you made too much sweet stuff, you can always send it to Rhode Island. ;) lol!


Oh Joy! My heart just goes out to you girlfriend!!! My hubby does have schizophrenia but he did have a nervious breakdown about 12 yrs. ago and I know how tough it is living with someone who thinks people are out to get them. Thank our Almighty God, meds have made him soooooo much better!! And he takes them faithfully. He will never be who he 'was' completely, but he is close enough. He will never be able to hold down a job but hey, I sure can work for now!! God sure takes care of us GRITS girls doesn't he?! Oh and by the way, I love your card!! That is the cut I made first from that cart, too. :)

Lorri W.

For some reason I hopped over to your blog from the Cricut MB and was so excited that you had a new card posted. Then I read your story and it brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. There have been so many people in my life that have passed that I didn't get a chance to tell that I loved them. I am so glad that you got that chance with your son's father. Your card is wonderful (as always) and now I'm not sure if you are better at makin' cards or tellin' stories. If you ever decide to write a novel, I would buy it. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Sonya are such an amazing woman. I totally understand why you needed to see this man, and frankly...why your son needed to see you "together" one more time. And what a blessing that Dan is an understanding and compassionate man. You deserve an angel in your life! Your card is wishes to all!


Joy, bless your heart, now you have tons to read,
I have been there, but mine happened so fast
that when it came to a head my husband ended up in the health care center for 2 weeks, he was diagnosed with bi-polar, that was in 1994, and the blame was put on me by his family. I am getting teary eyed now, thank goodness for medicine and that he is taking it, if you where to meet him you would never know anything was wrong, but it is always in the back of my mind.
Divorce never is a good thing and you found your soul mate because of it, not many men are as understanding, John Allen is also a very strong man going through this with you.
Sweet Joy a big HUG going to you,
I am so glad you saw him and the weight was lifted,
blessings Joy, Dan and John Allen,
cute card too!

Tanya just never cease to amaze me. I already knew that you were a kind-hearted, loving, creative woman, but wow! I am just so touched by your story and so thankful that you are at peace with everything. It seems like you may be getting your "happily ever after" storybook ending. Thankful that your Allen is in a good place with good people and thankful that your son has probably had a bit of "closure". God bless you, you sweet, sweet lady! Oh...I do love the card, lots of great details as always!


Oh m'gosh, Joy...bless your heart! All of the men in your life are very lucky to have you.
Love that funky bird and the party time colors of this fun card! Your cards always make me smile! :)


I just read your post and I have to say you have a big heart. Its horrible how much some sickness can steal from a person and ones that love you as well. You are one of the few that even if it did not work for you and him there still is love of friendship there. And I am sure your son was having a moment when you were talking. I was once in that spot. My mom has huntingtons. And she to deals with seeing things or hearing things. For years my mom and dad could not be in a room together. My dad hated her. For my brothers wedding they both was there and not hugging each other but not killing each Was strange. Once we found out what was wrong with her my dad let it the past go and the first time we had a family get together where my mom and dad sat and talked I had a moment. I never would have thought it, now these days you can see he still has love as a friend for her. And that is great to know. Makes its great for us kids going through something like this. TFS sharing the cute card and your post that makes think how lucky I am.

Vivi Martínez

Oh my sweet friend!
I can see God's love through your story! I know He blessed you (among many other things)with a great talent and a HUGE heart to love. I know he blessed me (also among many other things) with the pleasure of knowing you.
I am sending many hugs your way!
PS. I think you already know that I love your card and that it is so pretty. I am still restraining my self from buying Birthday Bash.

grammy deed

You should write a book. Loved your story even as sad as it made me. My hubs has some anxiety issues that are overwhelming at times and I know how exhausting it can be. Keep writing about your life-it will keep you sane.


Joy, what a great woman you are. I read your story and it made me appreciate you even more. You have an amazing, loving heart. You have touched so many lives with your love and your wonderful talent. Your name personifies what you bring to people. Thank you for sharing your heart and talent.

Terrie L

Joy, your story touched my heart too. I love the stories you tell -- you have a wonderful way of drawing your readers in.
And your card is sweet, too! That's also the first cut I made with Birthday Bash after I got it recently.
I came looking for you because I hadn't seen you on the Cricut message board for a while and I miss you!
Hope everyhing's okay, and that Allen enjoyed his "sweet treat"! You truly are one amazing woman!

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