Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~~~ Santa's Slackers Challenge #12 ~~~

Wheeeeeh, finally !! I have been so busy I didn't know if I was washing....or hanging out.....shuckin or shellin!!! ( that's a few suthyn expressions ) Running back and forth to the hospital and trying to cook all this food before Thanksgiving it was nice to sit and make a card! Do y'all want to know why I'm cooking so's because, my Mother hasn't been taking her Alzheimer's meds like she is supposed to and she did the grocery shoppin last week...guess what she bought!? (Oh I have to laugh, it beats crying ...go ahead, laugh with me, its ok ) She bought celery, onions and 2 cans of cranberry sauce ! LOL I said " wooohoo Mother...we are gonna be eating high on the hawg!" ( another expression) My Mother, God bless her, laughed til she had tears running down her cheeks.I LOVE making her laugh and we both cracked up! Anyway, ( I'm laughing all over again) I'm composed now.I made this card using Joys Of the Season and used enough glitter to sink a ship! I hope Y'all have a GREAT Thanksgiving....I am so blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life...crazy as it is !!! lol Much love, Joy


Tami B.

Well, you brought a smile to this ole Southern gal. I'll be driving down your way tomorrow on my way "home" & I'll be sure to wave. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Hey Joy! This Southern gal can relate to those expressions too!! LOL
Such a pretty card--love the background paper and the poinsettia is gorgeous. Love the bling!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

Tammy E.

Glad you can find humor on the rough days. Your card is awesome - love that flower!

Happy Thanksgiving!


sounds like a good start on a great stuffing! so glad that you can laugh and laugh with her,
I knew there had to be a poinsettia somewhere!
lovely card! have a wonderful thanksgiving


That card is beautiful.Thank goodness you can laugh. I have an award for you on my blog when you get a chance to get it. BTW, I understood your sayings very well. I'm a southerner, too. Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!


Oh Joy, what fun to laugh at an awkward situation. I swear I wouldn't have gotten through my time here in Italy if it weren't for laughing. Tears are harder on the system. Instantly recognized the hometown sayings. So fun! I used some of the vintage stuff you sent me in my RAK for my Circle Blog Challenge. That was fun! Thought of you the whole way. Happy Thanksgiving


Joy, I know just how ya feel! Just when I think the coast is clear and I can hit the craft room, all he'll breaks loose. I've been running around like lunatic and it ain't getting any calmer anytime soon. I got a chuckle out of your little story!
And girl, your card is beautiful! LOVE that poinsettia!
Wishing you and your family and very happy Thanksgiving!


Hi Joy! I have a blogger award for you on my blog. You are such an inspiration and I love visiting your blog!!


Oh hon, so glad you and your Mom still have a sense of humor about it all. My Daddy still joked about about not remembering anything all the way to the end. Loved when he laughed. Your card is wonderful, love the glitter! Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family! xxD


Oh Joy! Bless your heart!! So glad you're laughing and not crying!!! Hope ya'll have the best and happiest Thanksgiving!!! Love your card. Got mine posted on my blog. :)


Hi! I have something on my blog I'd like to share with you.

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