Monday, June 7, 2010

~~ No Bones About It ~~

Good morning Y'all.....Happy Monday !!! As some of you know, I have been having a horrible time with my back, more so my sciatic nerve. From hip to heel....boy oh boy, I don't wish this pain on anybody!!! I wanted to make my chiropractor and his staff a card because they are all so sweet and since he deals with bones, what better cut than the skeleton on the Paper Doll Dress Up cart! He has abstract artwork all over his office, of spines, so I think they will be tickled by this card, I hope so anyway. I used my Cuttlebug for the small flowers ,butterfly and Hello, as well as the dotted swiss background. I used the treading water punch, lots of stickles and inking, buttons and hemp and did a lil zig zag stitching.The sentiment is computer generated, using the font ...Bones!! Thank you all for remembering me in prayer,and please keep up the good work. I am much better, but I still have a long way to go!!! Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek too!!!!


Jessica Wekenman

This card is too perfect! They are sure to absolutely love this!

Sandy from Ukiah

I am sure he is going to love it Joy...So glad that you are feeling a little better. hugs


Oh how cute is that!!!!!!! What an adorable idea, Joy! He's really gonna get a kick out if it. I'm so missing your beautiful stuff. Easy does it, but feel better SOON!!! xxD


So cute, Joy! Take good care of yourself baby girl!


Oh Joy, they are going to love this!!! I am always so happy to see your love love your cards...Will still keep you in my prayers.

Lisa Summerhays

I has sciatic nerve problems when I was expecting my first child. I would wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy. :( I hope you are feeling better soon!

Your card is fantastic! It's by far my favorite card I've seen using this skeleton cut.


What a great card, Joy. A sweet reason too. Oh I pray for your back to be healed and your pain to ease! Back pain is the worst. You're in my thoughts! Cracks me up that you used this cut for this great card. Well done, friend, well done!!!!

Lori Apgar

My friend suffers pain from her sciatic nerve too and I can see the pain in her eyes! I hope you heal soon!! I saw this card on the Cricut Card MB and just had to come here! LOVE you blog!!


Joy, Glad you are a little better! Just hang in there and you'll get back to your old self!!! Awesomely cute card! Love that the font is 'bones'. Cute cute cute!!! :)

Sandi's creative touch

Think it is great that you are back to doing a little card making and comforting to see your inspirational work! As always great work!!! Your designs always seem to click!!! Looking forward to seeing more!!!


That is a super cute card!

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