Saturday, May 28, 2011

~~~ The Henley Cousins ~~~

HI Y'all...I hope your enjoying this nice long weekend!! We had a cousins family reunion today in Sardis Alabama, at my cousin Cheryl's home. I wanted to make her a card and let her know how much I appreciated all the time and effort she put into planning this reunion. I used Plantin Schoolbook for the font. Papa and Ma are my great grandparents . Ma died before I was born but Papa lived to be 97 years young and was sharp as a tack until his last days ! He would always slip a 20 dollar bill into our hands if we were going on a trip, to the fair, etc and back in those days, I thought I was some kinda rich ! He would always say, here's you a little coke money. I have to tell you a little story about me and Papa. Mother said I couldn't have been more that 3 years old and I got to missing one day. My Mamma ( Papa's daughter) was frantic looking for me and then she realized that Papa was missing too. Well off she went to Mae's, a little juke joint down the road. There I was, with my hair in ringlets,dressed in my Sunday best, sitting on a stool at the bar, having myself a time, eating a roll of butterscotch life savers!! Mother said that Mamma laid into him with both barrels....needless to say, I never go to go back to Mae's! Anyway, I used Indi Art for the clouds, the tree was cut using Stretch Your Imagination and the 7 lil punched apples represent the 7 children they had. I sprintzed the clouds with Shimmer Mist , did some inking and called it done. Oh I have to tell this story too, cause I almost cried. My cousin Larry lost his wife and his mother ( Aunt Evelyn) all within a span of 7 days last year. I had made him a sympathy card and he hugged me tight today and told me, you sure do make pretty cards...I have the one you sent to me on the bookcase in the bedroom so I can look at it. I was moved to tears! Sorry that I have rambled on and on, but I wanted to share a few stories with you...I hope you all have a great weekend !!! xoxoxo



Beautiful stories and card! U did great!!


Oh Joy, I love your stories!!! It's great to get together with the family and retell the great stories!! Love the card you made the cousins. So beautiful and so meaning ful!! Have an awesome weekend!!! :)


Joy your card is just lovely and what a wonderful family you must have! You Papa sounds a lot like mine. He just spoiled us all something rotten, he didn't have much, but what he had was ours. All though he never took me to a juke joint, he was so much fun! He's been gone for over 20 years and I miss him still. Again...I really love your card!


this is fantastic


Love your stories, Joy! Your reunion sounded delightful. Great card, too! xxD

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