Thursday, March 4, 2010

~~Oh No....its the Big 5 0 ~~

Good morning Y'all !!! I sure have missed all you creative women!!! Some of you may know that I have this rotten spine....and it has been getting worse, for the last 2 months, so much so that I have to create in spurts.Its kinda hard to make a card, when I am flat on my back, on a heating pad, connected to lil electrodes, signaling my muscles to relax and fight the pain.It ain't workin!! Not as fast as I would like for it to anyway.I want you to know that I have been trying to look at your blogs and leave comments from time to time, so please don't think I am being rude or ignoring you, my spine has been dictating my life lately and it just wont allow me to sit here for long periods of time anymore!! If you girls wouldn't mind saying a little prayer for me, I sure would appreciate it!!!! I really do miss all of you and your creations !!! Oh and Dan had carpal tunnel surgery 2 weeks has been the blind leading the blind around here !!! I have to laugh about it or just sit here and sob, so I choose to laugh!! Anywho, I got an invitation to an old co-workers 50Th birthday party and I HAD to make Deborah a card. Might not make the party, but at least I was able to make this card....took me about a week to do its done !!! I made it kinda like those flower pot cards, the "icing" lifts up to reveal the sentiment.I used Doodlecharms for the cupcake, stitched it together, added some flowers that I punched out and layered with clear glue dots. Added a zillion buttons, the ribbon, a few stick pins and computer generated the circle on the front. I added the shadow feature cut to give the card more stability.Thank you all so much for stopping by..sorry for the rambling.....but "those that matter don't mind.....and those that mind...don't matter !!! Love you all xoxoxox


Sandy from Ukiah

Oh Joy, I am sorry to hear about all your pain.. I will be praying for you... love your card.


I've missed you, lady! So sorry to hear of your back troubles-no fun! Adorable card, Joy! Great idea making it like a flower pot and darling embellies. May have to lift! :D Feel better soon! xxD


Bless your heart Joy, I knew I hadn't seen any posts from you in a while. You are in my prayers, girl! Just take it easy and get better and your hubby too.
Love 'ya, girl!


Nothing wrong with the big 5-0! That'll be me at the end of this month and I'm actually looking forward to it! Love the brights, cheerful colors on here and those button sprinkles are de-lish! So sorry to hear of your back problems, Joy. My Dan has had several back surgeries and he was always in such awful pain. Wishing you and hubby a speedy recovery!


Oh I hope she doesn't see calling her an "old" coworker! ouch! LOL!
I would be more then happy to say a prayer for you, my thoughts will be with you (and the hubby).
Well I just love this project, it is a ton of fun! love the flowers and the clever hidden pocket.


So very sorry to hear of you pain! You are in my prayers as is Dan. Love the card! Take care of yourself and just get better! :)

Nita's World Handmade

This is soooo cute!


sending prayers your way for the two of you.
And don't worry about all around here, you get yourself better. seems like that is all I am doing lately.. is praying for something new that comes up. on the good side, my daughter just found out she is going to have a boy and that things are looking good!
Now take care

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