Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Quilt

I was inspired, to make this card, by a quilt I made for John Allen before he was even born! I brought it down out of the closet today and was flooded with emotions.They ran the gambit too!I'm going to spend the night with my Mother tomorrow night and she has always loved this lil quilt and since she can't have it ( although she does have the matching pillow ) I decided to make her a paper version.I thought it was quit ironic, that 33 years ago, I made a quilt, that featured a landscape.SO many of the cards I make now, are of landscapes.Old habits die hard I guess.Once I created lil scenes with fabric and now I do them with paper! I'm a creature of habit and I don't mind at all! Here is a picture of the quilt and the card.Thanks so much for looking and I hope this might bring you all, some fond memories of your own. xoxoxoxo Joy


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Welcome to My World

This sight is dedicated to the art of card making....of which I am addicted ! I began making cards a few months before Dan was deployed to Iraq.I wanted to make sure he had a new card to open every day, so I used BlueMountian.Co and created him 2 months worth of cards !About a year ago I saw that famous infomercial for a little bug called a Cricut.Well, after watching it numerous times, I HAD to have it...and I ordered it!!!Then I found the Cricut Message Board and I hit pay dirt!!! I was, and still am so inspired by some of the talented women on that board!I have to give them credit for making me the card maker that I am today!!!
Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart!
I hope you enjoy looking at my cards, as much as I enjoy making them!!!